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Clinique Nutriderme


clinique nutriderme

Clinique NutriDerme was founded to listen to its customers and to offer exceptional care. All the aestheticians are trained on all our latest technologies to offer you quality care.

In addition, we suggest a range of cosmetic products as well as a Medico-aesthetic range so that you obtain optimal results. You will never be left in the dark, all the treatments and products will be carefully explained to you with a personalized approach to meet your needs. In addition, we are always present and available to answer your questions and this at all times with great pleasure.

Looking forward to taking care of you!


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There are now many treatments in aesthetic medicine aimed at treating the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin and skin imperfections. This Quebec technology is a non-invasive treatment that activates collagen, elastin, which is very effective in treating skin aging. It thus allows to stimulate each layer of skin and improve the general quality of the face.


We offer Cellulifex and laser treatments. It is now possible to treat it without resorting to surgery by offering lipodermalogy treatments. The laser is a determining technology which eliminates the hairs while respecting the skin, effectively permanently on the majority of our face and body. Using the latest technology allowing us to treat both light and dark skin types. Thanks to this technology we can also treat scars, telangectasia, wrinkles and fine lines.


Swedish Massage is a specific maneuvering technique that consists of relaxing your muscles to eliminate pain and tension. A very relaxing treatment that contributes to your well-being while reducing stress. Replenish your energy to eliminate fatigue.

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